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Stand For Marawi

i just cant understand why there is such people thats making noise and rallys and want to stop the martial law in mindanao.

specifically students in UP, these people know nothing , or maybe they want to fight and go there and shoot Matute group with water guns.(laughing)

i just want to extend , my dissapointment for those whose eyes is always for Mr. President Duterte.

to those UP students and CHR and yellow tards.



Hi, I'm Faith and 26 younger :) aksidente lang na nagka wordpress and lola nyo, My Family is from Surigao Del norte , but I lived almost in Cagayan de Oro so I speak Cebuano haha. but currently I'm here in Pasay as a Accounting Staff. Actually my mind is of unknown what will this blog will focused, kasi originally mag oonline shop ako hahaha... I love to Sing and write and sew and I love DIY's and everything under bout art hahaha well that's it , that's all I can say, :)

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