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Yes! summer about to end , not that i dont like summer but id rather to stay in the house watched the rain pouring down,

and we have our much awaited Company Outing in Puerto Gallera,

Im just excited to blog everything about this though i know there is a lot of blogger already featured this in their blog (sad face).

though this is not the most beautiful beach ive seen , but Puerto gallera gave me the most unforgettable memory. its the first time that i have tried different  water activities( i hate water) maybe because i do not know how to swim  and maybe there is a lot of times that i get drown.

one of the fun experiences  i have tried is snorkelling, but i have i hard time to follow instruction of  kuya(bangkero),but everything down below was so amazing, thingking that im so stress in work but here they are just swimming and swimming, i have seen a lot of corals, anc clams and small and big fish that so colorful.

after that we enter a cave but i did not stay that long , since the waves are getting strong.

all in all i want to go back ther again but i have to practise to swim or id rather to enroll my self into swimming classes.

so thats it My puerto gallera experince,





Hi, I'm Faith and 26 younger :) aksidente lang na nagka wordpress and lola nyo, My Family is from Surigao Del norte , but I lived almost in Cagayan de Oro so I speak Cebuano haha. but currently I'm here in Pasay as a Accounting Staff. Actually my mind is of unknown what will this blog will focused, kasi originally mag oonline shop ako hahaha... I love to Sing and write and sew and I love DIY's and everything under bout art hahaha well that's it , that's all I can say, :)

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